Brad Blanks Talks to Ricky Gervais About His New Netflix Series ‘Afterlife’

Monday, March 18th

Ricky Gervais is back with a Netflix show many are saying is his best work ever (and yes, better than ‘The Office!’ Steve Carell even said so in a Tweet!).

In the dark comedy ‘Afterlife,’ Ricky plays Tony, a small-town journalist whose wife of many years has died of cancer.

He decides to turn around his grief and do whatever he wants and tell everyone what he thinks! And of course, when you act like you have nothing to lose and you are a character created by Ricky Gervais, hilarity ensues!

Brad Blanks caught up with Ricky and talked to him candidly about the show and it’s immediate success.

‘Afterlife’ is out now on Netflix.