Brad Blanks With Cameron Crowe at the 'David Crosby: Remember My Name' Premiere

Wednesday, July 17th

The long-awaited documentary about David Crosby "Remember my Name" is here and Brad Blanks got to talk to Cameron Crowe and David himself about it.

David says of his life philosophy back in the Woodstock days "a lot of things i think we got right," and when Brad asks if he thinks his former band mates will watch the documentary, his answer was simple - "i doubt that they will even watch it."

Cameron has a history with Scott Shannon, they would chat at Holloway dry Cleaners in Hollywood back in the day and Brad delves deeper into their friendship!

"He's rock to me," Cameron proudly says of Scott, "he's the sound and the feel of rock."

"David Crosby: Remember My Name" is out July 19th.