Bob Saget Talks Comedy & Shrinks On The Big Show

Thursday, April 11th

Bob Saget is a very busy man, and because he's so busy it's hard to discuss every project he's pushing! One thing that's for sure: Bob Saget is most comfortable on stage, "I love my standup more now than ever, I don't go political, I don't go religious, and if I do there's 90 disclaimers and I'll say 'here's a bunch of stuff  can't say any more.'"

He proudly declares "there is no across the aisle at my show, everybody's just there will a collective experience."

Bob’s performing at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank April 11th, the Playstation Theater in Times Square April 13th & The Paramount in Huntington April 14th Get tickets at

When it comes to his friend and former "Full House" co-star Lori Loughlin and the big college admissions scandal, he understandably had little to say, "zero...I'm in the no comment world, just me and my shrink." When told she was removed from her Hallmark Channel show "When Calls The Heart," he said, "they tried to do that with me on Fuller House, but Danny Tanner won't go...all I do is send love."

Bob directs & stars in the dark comedy “Benjamin” premiering April 23rd – it’s going to be the first original release by Redbox!

Bob hosts “Videos After Dark” on ABC which has new episodes coming later this year. It’s an edgier version of the original show and he remembers a different submission process back in the day! "Back then people were submitting VHS and beta tapes...sorry Millenials, beta existed," is what Bob says about the original "America's Funniest Home Videos" which he hosted for 8 seasons. He says "there's no contest" for the new version, "they get $500 bucks if they upload."

You can also see Bob on season 4 of “Fuller House” is out now on Netflix.