Bill Burr Talks Acting, Ed Sheeran & The #MeToo Movement On The Big Show 10/17/18

Wednesday, October 17th

About four minutes into our interview with Bill Burr, we knew we were in for a doozy! We re-established who we were talking to by saying “We’re talking to Bill Burr…” and he interjected by saying “who’s ending his career right now!”

Bill has never been one to hold back how he feels, and the same held true when he stopped by to talk about his show at Madison Square Garden for the New York Comedy Festival.

He says “It was not lost on me” about selling out MSG in 2015, and comparing his one man show to something Ed Sheeran would do, Bill says “I’m a one trick pony, that dude is like next level, ridiculously talented!” “He just comes out with an acoustic guitar and destroys stadiums!”

When it comes to the current women’s movement, he wasn’t shy in sharing his opinion, saying “That Whole Happy Wife, Happy Life, it sounds cute because it rhymes, but it’s a threat,” joking about his wife having control in the house. When it comes to giving into her demands, he says “I use ‘fair enough’…you’re not really saying you’re right or you’re wrong.”

On being an up and coming actor, he says it’s not as glamorous as what it used to be: “aaah you just missed it buddy” people tell him, “it was unbelievable what you missed, now you just come here and go to work.”

Bill’s in the new Hugh Jackman movie “The Front Runner” out November 6th which focuses on former Colorado governor Gary Hart’s failed run for president in 1987. 

Bill is playing Madison Square Garden November 7th as part of the New York Comedy Festival, get tickets at and be prepared to laugh!