Big Show Best of 2019 Super-Sized Podcast

Thursday, December 19th

Welcome to the Shannon in the Morning Big Show best of 2019 podcast! Almost 2 hours of the best and worst of the show over the past year!

For your convenience, here's the list of bits in order with a little explanation, date and length. Enjoy and see you January 6th, 2020!

1-4 DA OF THE DAY – First DA of the day of 2019! - A man attempted to rob a Dollar Tree store in Roseville, Arizona on Christmas Eve, we learn he robbed the Dollar Tree that his girlfriend worked at and left an envelope labeled “Robbery” lying around his house (2:09)

1-7 GOLDEN GLOBES NOT FUNNY – After reading negative reviews of the Golden Globes telecast, someone on the big show compares these big productions to the dog events they host (:34)

1-10 BRAD GAGA STAR IS BORN – Brad Blanks got in a short interview with Lady Gaga at the red carpet for “A Star is Born” and talks about the difficult time he sometimes has getting the big red carpet interview (1:38)

1-15 JOHN ELLIOT WEATHER MYSTERY – John Elliott gives the snow prediction for the weekend and sneaks in that it could range from 10 inches to nothing. (:59)

1-22 BULL MOOSE BRAD – Somehow, the story of a Moose terrorizing skiers Colorado ties into Brad’s weekend ski trip with the family (2:29)

1-23 WEINER MOBILE JOB – Oscar Meyer has a job opening for Weiner Mobile driver …and the weiner puns start flying! (2:22)

1-23 SUE INSTANT POT – Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray sends Scott a text saying Sue Aller Sounds like squidward from Spongebob Squarepants, then we recap Sue’s screw-up with her instant pot (1:34)

1-24 BRAD ROMA INTERVIEW – Brad Blanks talks to “Roma” lead actress Yalitza Aparicio, who was nominated for an Oscar. We had questions about her interpreter, accusing her of being a fake (2:16)

1-25 KERMIT LOVES THE BACKSTREET BOYS – We about a special company event that featured the Backstreet Boys, and super fan Kermit gives everyone the latest on what the band is up to. (2:19)

1-28 SCOTT WEATHER WATCHER – Scott announces that he’s now a CBS Weather Watcher, but his weather profile seems questionable. (2:04)

1-28 SNAKE IN TOILET – A disturbing story about a trip to the bathroom in Australia that went wrong. Scott tells a story about his neighbor telling him as a kid that snakes often bite you in the butt when on the toilet (3:21)


2-5 FIRST KISS FUNNY – Brad’s 7 year old daughter Matilda wants to be on “The Bachelor” and there’s a contestant on the show who’s never been kissed, which leads to everyone sharing stories about their first kiss (2:33)

2-6 KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS – A story about a man who bought a vape pen thinking it would help with his asthma (1:27)

2-26 SCOTT SHANNON ANCESTRY - Scott tells a story about his ancestry test and the surprising results that changed his family tree (3:49)

2-27 SCOTT SHANNON DISCOVERS MUSIC – Scott recalls a story when he first discovered music at his childhood friend’s house. He tells us about his oddball jobs before being a DJ and how he got into radio. (2:36)


3-5 SCOTT STARDOM – We get to hear about Scott’s first encounter with stardom, and not as a radio star but as a Little League baseball player! He was inspired to tell the story when he saw a cute kid on the front of the Daily News with a snow tube (3:19)

3-18-19 BRAD RICKY GERVAIS HONEY MONSTER – Brad Blanks got an exclusive sit down with his buddy Ricky Gervais just as his smash Netflix show “After Life” was released and lots of funny things were said (3:31)

3-20 BRAD JORDAN PEELE – Brad catches up with “Us” director Jordan Peele and explains the doppelganger angle of the movie. Everyone understood the concept, except for one member of the big show. (2:57)

3-25 US REVIEW – Brad is still traumatized by the Jordan Peele movie “Us,” he explains the premise of the movie again with hilarious reaction. (2:33)

3-25 JOHN RUINS DA OF THE DAY– We are trying to tell the story of a man arrested for trying to smuggle a 2-year-old Orangutan out of Indonesia, but John ruined the whole bit! (2:39)


4-12 BRAD RED WITCH – Brad interviews Game of Thrones actress Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre “The Red Witch” on the show and reaction to the interview gets out of hand! (2:47)

4-12 BRAD BLANKS SOPHIE TURNER – Brad goes to the red carpet event for season 8 of “Game of Thrones.” Sophie Turner exposes how her and Brad used to get drunk together and fellow Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams crashes the interview (2:38)

4-19 JOHN ELLIOT MIC OFF– John Elliot gets upset that his mic being off prevented him from cracking jokes during the previous segment, and doesn’t help himself in the new segment (2:03)

4-8 IPHONE SCAM – An iPhone scam got two Chinese men in a lot of trouble, so we try to make sense of the operation they were running (2:10)


5-28 DUKES OF HAZARD – A man in Indiana recreates an iconic “Dukes of Hazard” scene and as the story continues it gets crazier & crazier. (2:22)

5-28 FOX BIRTH – A great story about a farmer in Sussex, England saving 4 little cubs from the stomach of a dying fox is completely derailed by Ross Brittain. (2:09)

5-29 BRAD JULIANNE HOUGH – Brad catches up with Julianne Hough and discusses being a judge on “Americas Got Talent” and brings up her “full moon” Instagram picture from a few years ago, which brings back the debate to whether it was a “cute” photo  (3:43)


6-6 JOHN ELLIOTT ICE CREAM HUMOR – Is John Elliott writing for the New York Post? They did a pun-heavy article on Ice cream Trucks and it had his humor all over it. (:52)


7-9 BOAT MOVIE REVISITED – We did a special Tom Hanks birthday edition of Louie Louie goes to the movies. The movie was “Captain Phillips” which we know better as “The Boat Movie” because Opie & Anthony got their hands on footage of someone from the big show calling it that. (2:22)

7-16 PRIME DAY- Talking about Amazon Prime Day and poking some fun at Sue because she’s addicted. (:47)

7-16 BRAD EMILY RATAJKOWSKI – Brad Blanks brought in an interview with Emily Ratajkowski and we had some fun talking about her career and more importantly her dog. (2:20)

7-17 BIRD BUTTS – Discussion of a “Dream Job” in southern New Jersey that involves studying bird butts & bird poop turns into a series of really, really bad bird jokes. (2:37)

7-17 MOON LANDING FAKE – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Scott talked about his Grandma being convinced that the moon landing was fake. John then declares we should “storm area 51” which was a thing that never happened over the summer (2:54)

7-23 SCOTT MONTREAL – Scott missed CBS-FM’s Saturday in the Park concert with Rick Springfield because he had to go to a wedding in Montreal. John Elliott throws Scott under the bus for missing the show. Scott talks about the terrible flight delays he had to deal with while flying back from Montreal. (3:51)

7-23 SITP RECAP WEIRD AL – We recap the Rick Springfield concert at Eisenhower Park and Louie couldn’t make it because he got the chance to meet Weird Al Yankovic. (3:27)


8-15 ROBBIE ANDERSONBRAD – Brad Blanks interviews Jets Wide Receiver Robbie Anderson, problem is Brad didn’t know who he was while conducting the interview. (5:14)

9-16 THE BIRD MOVIE – A big show member was having trouble remembering the name of a movie that he was calling the “Bird Movie”. Once it was explained that the movie is not about a bird it’s about a boy, everyone had a good laugh. (1:36)

9-30 PATTY FALLS IN POOL – Talking about a viral video of a phone dropped into a river that was recovered 15 months later and still worked. This leads to Patty admitting she fell into her pool over the weekend with her new Galaxy Smartphone. (2:20)


10-1 BRAD THE IRISHMAN – Brad Blanks attended to the NY premiere of “The Irishman” AT Lincoln Center, he talked to Robert DeNiro, Irwin Winkler, & Martin Scorsese on the red carpet. Brad abruptly walked away from his interview with Irwin Winkler to get his dream interview with Martin Scorsese. Brad FINALLY was able to get a decent conversation with DeNiro. 

10-2 SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING – Our company, Entercom Communications, mandated we take a 2 hour sexual harassment training course, so we analyze what happened in the course. (2:51)

11-7 BRAD MIRREN MCKELLAN – Brad Blanks talks to Sir Ian Mckellan & Helen Mirren on the red carpet, and Helen throws shade at Brad (2:46)

11-14 JAY PARK JOHN – There was a line outside the concert venue Terminal 5 on a cold morning with people waiting for the show that night by Asian rapper Jay Park. John Elliott claimed to know who he was (2:26)