Big Show Best Of 2018 Podcast

Thursday, December 13th

Thank you for being with us in 2018! Louie Louie has compiled some of our best moments and not so best moments of the year for you to listen to! Over 90 minutes of fun while you enjoy your holiday break or head to work, You can even skip around to the bits you want to hear most, just take a look at the timestamps below!

BRAD LIAM NEESON NITWIT – Brad Blanks presents his interview with Liam Neeson promoting the movie “The Commuter” and Scott gives him a “scottpliment” – he tries to praise him for his improving interview skills over the years but starts off by calling him a nitwit

(3:19) HUGH JACKMAN – A heated debate about “The Greatest Showman” erupts in the studio, and although things get ugly it kind of has a happy ending

(5:39) HUGH JACKMAN FOLLOWUP –The Greatest Showman debate continues with Brad Blanks getting involved, one member of the big show proclaims he didn’t know the The Greatest Showman was a musical when he went to so see it!  

(7:43) PEEING GUY TSUNAMI WARNING – We’re talking about a local man with a bladder problem who carries around a doctor’s letter claiming he can pee anywhere he wants, when out of nowhere tsunami warnings for New York City start popping up!

(11:13) WEINSTEIN JEREMY PRISON – Harvey Weinstein, Scott accidentally called Harvey Weinstein a ‘hogwart’ instead of a ‘warthog’ and was corrected by a young Harry Potter fan named Jeremy who’s a P-1 listener…Jeremy then had to listen to a very adult story about a North Carolina prison getting Viagra smuggled in

(14:48) BRAD SAIORSE RONAN JOHN FRENCH – Brad Blanks talks to “Ladybird” star Saiorse Ronan, Scott was amazed by her accent and then asks John Elliott to do the weather with an accent…and it was horrible!  

NCAA TOURNAMENT JOHN FUNNY – John Elliott has the rest of the morning off because of the NCAA tournament airing on CBS, so we give him some advice on what to do with his time

(17:29) BRAD LYNDA CARTER – Brad does an extremely awkward interview with his childhood idol, the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, and things got WEIRD!  

(22:23) JESUS CHRIST PIZZA HUT – A wacky story out of North Carolina where a m an breaks into a pizza hut and calls 911 to tell the operator that he’s Jesus Christ and he’s eating a pizza with some Mountain Dew

(24:38) WHO BIT BEYONCE – It was the story nobody cared about but we did it anyway…who bit Beyonce? Brad was fascinated by the story and Patty reluctantly did it in the daily dirt report

(28:00) RUBBER DUCKIE EASTER BUNNY – Two short but funny stories - first off, bacteria in your Rubber duckie can kill you so we attempt to pronounce the names of the bacteria, then a story about the Easter bunny getting harassed by someone who sat on his lap.

(31:10) BACKWARDS EAGLES FUNNY – The winner of our backwards Eagles contest refuses to use our difficulty scale that we just created

(32:01) PENIS BABHA ARGENTINA GAS STATION SEX TOY – A lot of inappropriate stories on air; a man named Penis Babha pulls cars with his “manhood” and a story from Argentina on about a naked man and a gas station, but who on the big show is to blame for this filthy content??

(36:35) POOP TRAIN – Scott is upset because he missed a bog story about a train full of 10 million pounds of New York City sewage parked themselves in a small town in Alabama causing an awful smell

(39:15) SCOTT BREAKS LAW MAIN MAN BLASTOFF – Scott admits to breaking a law that could lead to time in prison   

(41:24) ASHKISS – A funny story about a family with a strange last name from Virginia having problems with animals and people getting stuck in trees

(42:50) BRAD BLANKS URANUS – The University of Oxford revealed that the atmosphere of the planet Uranus smells, so Brad breaks the news at the Time 100 event to legendary astronaut Peggy Whitson and NBC’s Lester Holt

(46:15)BRAD HENRY WINKLER – This might be the interview of the year! Brad Blanks goes to the HBO studios to interview Henry Winkler, who completely dominated the interview and left Brad speechless!

(49:34)ROYAL WEDDING – Brad calls from outside Windsor Castle giving all the updates on the royal wedding & caught up with an interesting fella named John Loughrey who happens to be a HUGE royal family fan!

(51:38)BRAD WEED – Brad Blanks tells us about the time he was invited to Mario Batali’s after-concert party for U2 and Woody Harrelson handed him something mysterious to smoke

(54:41)PATTY LICK – Scott does a story about a hockey player licking his opponent, and Patty comments that she would much rather be licked than spit on…

(57:07)THE FLOSS – Brad’s son Harvey introduces Scott to the dance ‘the flos s’ and we encourage Scott to try it out!

(1:01:10)ROSS ENTERTAINMENT FUNNY – Ross Brittain was filling in for Patty Steele and was oblivious to the inappropriate things he was saying during the entertainment report

(1:02:42)JESSICA CHASTAIN – Jessica Chastain was on Stephen Colbert talking about her Italian husband grabbing his private part to keep away hexes, and the conversation goes to a new (awful) movie she’s promoting

(1:06:12)SCOTT TOPLESS WOMAN – Brad Blanks is all ready to talk about his interview with The Rock, but Scott decides to tell a random story about the time he was in the Caribbean with his daughter Kathleen and they encountered a topless woman on the beach!

(1:08:42)PATTY GROOMER – During an early morning brain buster that involved hair salons, Patty tells the winner she gets her hair done at a dog grooming place!

(1:10:31)ARIANA GRANDE BABY – We play an interview with Ariana Grande and think she sounds like a little girl, so someone from the big show takes out some baby sound bites and does a mock interview with baby Ariana

(1:12:42)JOHN ELLIOTT SMARTASS – John Elliott pretends he knows all about the story of a lady who constantly gets pulled over for DUI’s but never gets arrested.

(1:15:14) PATTY FORGOT PHONE  - We did the Kermit movie at 8:10am instead of 7:30 and it threw everything off, at the same time Patty was acting crazy because she left her phone home and her daughter Katie was trying to reach her from London where she was studying abroad

(1:16:31)NEVER METPAUL SIMON– We recap the end of Paul Simon’s touring career and we question whether Scott has ever met Paul before…he says he hasn’t

(1:17:58)PAUL SIMON RESPONSE – Getting back to whether Scott had ever met Paul Simon, strong evidence surfaces that confirms if he did or did not

(1:19:46)MINKA KELLY AFTERMATH – Patty & Brad interviewed Derek Jeter’s former girlfriend Minka Kelly, they didn’t ask one question about Derek Jeter but they did talk to her about Mucinex!

(1:22:40)CHRYSLER BRAD 1- Brad Blanks has an endorsement on the air that promotes Chrysler automobiles, but he’s not pronouncing the word Chrysler the right way….so we give him a tutorial

(1:25:16)CHRYSLER BRAD 2 – After we give Brad Blanks a tutorial on saying Chrysler correctly, we give him a chance to re-do the endorsement live on the air!

(1:27:00)HARVEY BLANKS WRECK IT RALPH – Brad’s son Harvey reviews “Wreck it Ralph” on Thanksgiving week and takes a dig at Scott and his use of AOL

(1:29:29)UNIVERSAL ESSIE – On our trip to Universal Orlando a couple weeks ago, Brad caught up with Essie who had a special talent we weren’t expecting...