Bernie Williams on the Return of Baseball, Honoring His Late Father with a Music Challenge

Thursday, June 25th

4-time World Series champion, number 51 in your program, the great Bernie Williams joined us to talk about the start of the 2020 baseball season and a special challenge he’s putting out to fans.

We asked Bernie about the delayed start of the 2020 baseball season and his thoughts on the new rules like putting a runner on 2nd base in extra innings.

Bernie was diplomatic in his response, saying “they have to be careful messing with the essence of the game,”

Bernie told us about a song he created “Para Don Berna” to honor his father's memory, and he needs help adding the right lyrics to his tribute!

“My father was my hero”Bernie says, “he was the one who taught me the game of baseball, and he introduced me to music by playing his guitar for us at night.”

Go to to submit your lyrics! Deadline to submit is September 1st. The selected lyrics will be chosen LIVE on Bernie’s Facebook page October 15th! 

Bernie says “We’re really excited about the possibilities to find one that would fit, having the opportunity to record the song with a leading person in the music industry.”

This initiative is part of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Breathless campaign, a national effort to educate those who may have the lung disease IPF. Bernie lost his father Bernabie to IPF in 2001 (Idio-pathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.)