Back to Work at the Police Station for $2 Million 'Survivor' Winner Tony Vlachos

Friday, May 15th

-Brad Blanks/101.1 CBS-FM

Tony Vlachos, a Jersey City policeman, won the title of ultimate Survivor, taking home a record $2 million prize. It was the 40th season of this epic show where winners were pitted against winners and Tony came out on top. In 2014 Tony was a very popular winner of Survivor securing a million dollars. Then in 2017, he competed again and visited us at the Scott Shannon Show. 

Congratulations to one of Jersey's finest - TONY! Watched the Survivor finale with the kids… we loved the spy nest! We all cheered when the crazy cop from Jersey City, Tony Vlachos won the $2 Million. Winners at War was a fantastic season. Tony you are a legend….such great fun for TV. I've been riding the @survivorcbs train for a long time. 20 years ago I was living in Bondi and my roommate, Jesse Jensen, was a set carpenter on movies and TV shows. He scored a job in the Phillipines to build the challenges on a new American reality show called Survivor. That was great for him….he is now an Executive Producer of the show! That show went on to be huge that summer of 2000. I then used the Australian season of Survivor as an angle to get my job on WPLJ Radio in New York City in early 2001. This show was a big part of my early years in hustling and getting me on New York radio! #throwbackthursday #survivor #tonyvlachos @tonyvlachos @jeffprobst - good job on the zoom probsty!! Looked good mate. #jeffprobst #survivorfinale #winnersatwar #tonysurvivor #throwbackthursday #throwback #zoom #livetv #spynest #spynest---- #police #cop #jerseycity #newjersey

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After a great interview that day, on the show that night he got voted out first because they knew he was such a great player.

This time around, Tony got invited to compete in the greatest season of Survivor ever, WINNERS AT WAR. True legends of the game were competing from the brilliant Boston Rob, to the Queen, Sandra. I asked Tony how he changed his strategy this around. He said, “My strategy was overestimating these players… the beginning, I was forming bonds with them, being very social…..keep quiet, keep patient, don’t step out of line."

As sweet as the money will be for Tony, he may have just as much satisfaction being a fan favorite and now known as the king of Survivor.

I asked Tony when we would be returning to his job as a Jersey City policeman. He quickly replied,  "I'll be right back to work tomorrow, right back to the grind again!” 

Tony Vlachos, Jersey City Policeman, the greatest player ever of the 40 seasons of Survivor.