Apple Founder Steve Wozniak Tells Brad Blanks He Is Patient Zero

Thursday, May 7th

-Brad Blanks/101.1 CBS-FM

Apple Founder Steve Wozniak is about to burst on to your TV. He will appear on the new Fox show, Celebrity Watch Party, 8PM Thursday nights. This is based on the UK show Goggle Box, which involves people watching the current TV shows and then commenting on what they are watching. The twist on the Fox version is that these people are celebrities, like Rob Lowe, Joe Buck, Meghan Trainor, Raven Symone, and Curtis Stone.

Steve Wozniak must like the reality TV game as he was once a guest on Dancing with The Stars. Affectionately known as "The WOZ," he is the king when he goes to tech conferences, being swarmed by Apple enthusiasts who want a photo with the man who helped create the famous company with Steve Jobs. Woz also created some headlines recently when he said that he and his wife were Patient Zero of the coronavirus.

Steve Wozniak
(Brad Blanks)

I zoomed into his office to ask him about Celebrity Watch Party and what it was all about.

Steve told me, “it's great, we just sit in chairs watching the shows. My wife, and I, we sit and we talk. "What do you think about that? And this, and that?" And we don't always agree 100% on it.”

The Woz looks like a sweatpants kind of guy, as I am when watching TV, especially in a lockdown. I had to pose the question to him, “Are you wearing sweatpants when you're relaxing watching TV?”

He quickly answered, “Oh, no, I'm much easier than that. I just pop on shorts and a shirt. Almost with this whole Coronavirus, it's kind of nice, pop on shorts, shirts, don't even shower a lot of days. I do for the show. We just get to stay at home, two of us, and our four dogs. We have our dogs climb in our laps. So it's just real easy. I wanted to Zoom bomb this conference with you, but my wife said I had to put a shirt on.”

Wow, a lot to unpack there. Thanks for showering Steve!

When I brought up the news story of him and his wife bringing COVID-19 from Hong Kong in early January he passionately replied, “My wife and I actually believe very strongly that we could have been one of the early patient zeros, because at one point we went back two months before any announcements.”

His attention to detail about the coronavirus actually had me thinking that maybe he could have contracted the virus that early. Steve went on to say about his wife Janet, “the morning of January 13th they tested for eight hours for every single disease they could test for. None showed up, so it was nothing known in America.”

This interview took many twists and turns into the mind of Steve Wozniak. Especially when he told me about a rare disease he definitely has! I asked him if he had anything in common with another guy on Celebrity Watch Party, Rob Lowe. Woz replied, “I have no idea. First of all, I don't know celebrities. And part of the reason is, I have a disease called prosopagnosia where I cannot recognize faces. I can be in a restaurant with Rob Lowe, or any famous celebrity, I wouldn't know who they are unless it goes back to before 1981 when I had an airplane crash. If it goes back before then, I'll spot somebody, "Oh, I know that person."

I had to ask….did he ever forget Steve Jobs? “I didn’t have it when I knew him, so I would recognize his face!”

That would have been a hard one to forget.

As you will see in this interview, The Woz is an upbeat guy. I’m looking forward to seeing what the heck he and his wife come up with on this show!

Celebrity Watch Party can be seen Thursday night on FOX at 8pm.