An Introduction to Frank Costanza: Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara Play with Brad Blanks

Tuesday, May 12th

-Brad Blanks/101.1 CBS-FM

The first words Jerry Stiller ever said to me was, “My eyes are dripping anyway, for other reasons… medical.” I’d asked his sharp-as-a-tack wife, Anne Meara, if she and Jerry would crying tears of pride watching their son Ben on the big screen. His line was so perfect that it was as if the unfiltered Frank Costanza from Seinfeld had snuck up on me and blurted into my conversation.  

I met Anne and Jerry at the Night At the Museum premiere The American Museum of Natural History on December 17th, 2006. Our chat on the red carpet took many directions, where at one moment Jerry howled, “Night at the Museum – X Rated.” 

It was an honor to be in the middle of a Stiller & Meara comedy sketch for a few minutes, with a tinge of Frank Constanza thrown in.