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Dave Stewart

Weekdays Midnight - 6am

For three decades Dave Stewart has been New York radio's night owl. For some, he’s Mr. Midnight, the voice that takes you home after a late night out. For early risers, he’s the guy that gets you going in the pre-dawn hours.

Dave is a Boston native who fell in love with New York and never left. He was heard on radio stations all over New England prior to his New York City debut in 1989.

When Dave isn't on the air, you'll find him on the beaches in the summer and the slopes in the winter. He takes full advantage of the short trip from the city to the ocean and the mountains. Skiing is one of the only ways to get Dave out of bed in the morning.

Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, join Dave Stewart from midnight to 6:00 on CBS-FM. Just don't knock on his door before 2pm.