Are These Reunion Tours Happening in 2021?

While the pandemic has thrown a wrench in some of the most anticipated reunion tours, it doesn’t mean they’re off the table. Here’s a look at whether or not 2020’s major reunion tours will take place in 2021.
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Mayor Confirms The Beatles 'Penny Lane' Street Safe After Week of Controversy

The street The Beatles named their famous song “Penny Lane” after may be renamed over claims it was named after the slave trader James Penny.
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Tiffany and Brad Blanks

Always the Rebel, Pop Star Tiffany Offers Up Kind Words, Cooking Lessons... and New Music

The singer admits she's fully aware the popularity of her version of “I Think We’re Alone Now” has taken quite a jump during the worldwide health lockdown saying, “I know it's getting played a lot now during all the quarantine and all this stuff... because people are alone out there.”
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Fans Petition to Have Britney Spears Statue Replace Confederate Statues in New Orleans

Louisiana fans of superstar Britney Spears are looking to lean into current social justice reforms, asking for signatures to petition the city of New Orleans to remove Confederate statues and replace them with the Princess of Pop.
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Barbra Streisand Helps George Floyd's Daughter Become a Disney Shareholder

Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter is now a Disney shareholder thanks to a gift from Barbra Streisand. Floyd shared the news on her Instagram account thanking Streisand for the gift.
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Wang Chung

Nick Feldman On The Staying Power Of Wang Chung

Nick Feldman, founding member of the great '80s British new wave band Wang Chung checked in on the star phone with Scott Shannon and Patty Steele today to reminisce about the beginnings of the band, and to look ahead to the special Back To The Basement all-'80s COVID-19 relief concert happening...
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Mariah Carey Bypasses 30th Anniversary Celebration to 'Educate, Inform, and Invoke Change'

Mariah Carey postpones celebrations for the 30th anniversary of her first album. Carey asks fans to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
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Paul McCartney Wants You to Stop Eating Meat for His Birthday

Paul McCartney has a simple wish for his 78th birthday. Stop eating meat. McCartney wrote a blog post for PETA urging people to give up meat and to see what goes into the meat trade.
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Wang Chung Reimagines Hit for COVID-19, 'Everybody Stay Safe Tonight'

Wang Chung is planning to perform “Everybody Stay Safe Tonight” during the ‘Back to the Basement’ concert, which will stream on the Abducted by the 80s Facebook page twice on Saturday.
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Female Artists With the Most Number One Albums

Lady Gaga recently scored her sixth number one album on the Billboard Chart. She still has a way to go to get to the top spot though. Here’s a look at the list of female artists with the most number one albums in history.
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