Pat Monahan is in an interesting situation, his highly successful band Train has been around over 20 years, selling over 10 million records with over 30 million downloads and 8 top 40 hits! Train is around long enough to now have a greatest hits collection and tour with Rock & Roll Hall of...
Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson Says She Discusses Heart's Future with Sister Nancy: "We had lunch the other day!"

It’s not often you get to speak to a rock legend! Ann Wilson checked in with the Shannon in the Morning crew today and told us about her new solo project, 'Immortal' -- plus she gives us a status update on Heart!
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Tom Green Discusses Being Fired By Donald Trump and Those Very Accurate Eminem Lyrics

Before getting into it he playfully explains, "I know the president of the United States, the president knows me… anyone who knows me should probably not be president! I'm Canadian, this is your problem!"
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Kenny Loggins Is STILL Waiting To Hear If He's Remaking "Danger Zone" For 'Top Gun: Maverick'

GRAMMY winning hit-maker Kenny Loggins checked in to talk about his new ‘Soundstage’ CD/DVD release but he also revealed info on another project that we are closely monitoring!
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Belinda Carlisle Discusses Her Punk Rock Roots with Broadway Bill Lee

From punk to rock to pop -- Belinda has consistently stayed a part of of the soundtrack to our lives, something she chalks up to the fine people she's had the chance to work woth over the years.
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Former Journey Front Man Steve Perry Explains Where He's Been This Whole Time

By Joe Cingrana Singer, songwriter, record producer -- best known as the lead singer of the iconic rock band Journey from '77 to '87, and again from '95 to '98 -- Steve Perry joined Scott Shannon in the Morning for their 1,000th broadcast live from the Theatre in New York City this...
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Chris Rock Talks Bullying and His Daughters Getting Married on 'The Week Of' Red Carpet

When asked how he was going to handle his own daughters getting married, Rock sharply replied, “I can’t wait, bring it on, get ‘em off of me!”
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Adam Sandler Breaks Down the 'Craziness' Of Weddings on 'The Week Of' Red Carpet

Adam Sandler has found himself in the Netflix world and has been making movies for his biggest fans. His latest movie also stars Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi and really breaks down the craziness of a wedding...
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