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Bon Jovi live in Perth, AU

WATCH: Man Singing Bon Jovi in the Park Sparks Massive Singalong

Just a guy, sitting on a park bench singing Bon Jovi's "Livin' On a Prayer" at the top of his lungs until the entire park begins to singalong. Go ahead, try not to get chills. To be honest, maybe this should become a thing. Next time you're in a crowd just start singing Bon Jovi. GUARANTEE everyone... Read More
Harry Harrison

Remembering Harry Harrison, Former CBS-FM DJ

With sadness and fond memories, we say so long to beloved New York radio personality, DJ Harry Harrison. He has passed away at 89-years-old after battling health issues. Video of Harry Harrison WCBS FM 11.16.89 30th Anniversary (Photo: Louis Pulice/WCBS-FM) Some background: Harry Harrison was born... Read More
Sustainable Laundry

#1Thing: Non-Toxic Laundry Products To Keep Your Clothing Fresh

By Lori Melton Keeping our clothes clean and fresh often seems like a never-ending chore. Many of us do laundry several times a week. Bigger families may even need to wash clothes daily just to keep the mountain under control. Unfortunately, some laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and stain... Read More
JBJ Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi Opens Restaurant At Rutgers To Help Feed Those In Need

- Jason Goldstein Being a college student is tough, especially when it comes to affording food. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea were at Rutgers University in New Jersey this week to unveil the new JBJ Soul Kitchen at the college’s Paul Robeson Campus Center. Instead of having prices on the menu... Read More
Fair Trade Coffee

#1Thing: What It Means To Be Fair Trade

By Lori Melton Thanks to increased awareness of the harsh effects of climate change on our planet, people around the world are pitching in to protect the Earth for future generations. Recycling, repurposing and reusing items are simple actions we can take to help reduce the amount of trash going... Read More
Pizza Pizza

National Pizza Week: What's Your Favorite Tri-State Slice?

Well, it's back again, National Pizza Week , and I want to know from you... What's your favorite PIZZERIA in the Tri-state Area? Get to my Facebook or Instagram posts below and let me know now! All week long, we'll tally your answers and announce your favorite pizzeria this Friday night on CBS-FM!... Read More
Pile of Tires

DA of the Day: Burglar Gets Trapped Under Tires, Calls Cops

For our "DA of the Day" today, we take a look at the story of a wannabe burglar in Georgia who gets trapped under a pile of tires in a tire shop. Of course, he then calls 911 to help him get out. It's this final act of dumba$$ery that gets 30-year-old Nathaniel King our title of "DA of the Day" for... Read More