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Federico Castelluccio on Brookly's Own Podcast

Brooklyn's Own Podcast - Federico Castelluccio from 'The Sopranos'

Naples, Italy, native Federico Castelluccio moved with his family to Paterson, New Jersey when he was 3 years old and little did he know that years later he would become Furio Giunta on The Sopranos! He appeared in seasons 2, 3 and 4, playing a loyal soldier in the DiMeo crime family as Tony’s... Read More
Cars on a snowy city street

#1Thing: Make Sure Your Car Stays Efficient in Cold Weather

By Lori Melton As leaves start to fall from the trees, those who live in cold-weather states start to brace themselves for winter. From getting snow boots and bulky coats out of the closet to tuning up the snowblower, people start to prepare for frosty conditions. Although many of us might wish we... Read More
Day Of the Dead

The To-Do List: Things To Do in NYC, November 1-3 (Some Are Free!)

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The weather may have cooled down, but that doesn't mean your weekend has to! Now's your chance to relax with the best food, drinks, shows and music the area has to offer. Skip surfing the internet because 1010 WINS has your weekend plans here: New York City Marathon 2019 The... Read More
Programmable Thermostat

#1Thing: Easy Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill This Winter

By Lori Melton Cold temperatures, shorter days, and a fresh blanket of snow are all classic signs that winter has arrived. Unfortunately, the blustery weather also means it’s time to turn on the heat. You’re not alone if you dread seeing a spike in your heating. The good news is there are lots of... Read More
Brad Blanks and Steve Carrell

Steve Carell Explains Apple TV's 'The Morning Show' To Brad Blanks

- Brad Blanks Apple TV+ launches on November 1st and the biggest show on their slate will be THE MORNING SHOW . It stars Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Reece Witherspoon. An amazing cast for acting ability alone, but the fact that they got the two biggest stars in the world of streaming, in... Read More