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The Bacon Brothers at WCBS-FM with Scott Shannon and Patty Steele

The Bacon Brothers on Accidental Beginnings, 25 Years of Touring

Kevin Bacon & Michael Bacon have been touring for 25 years as The Bacon Brothers, but it wasn't supposed to last that long. "We put the band together for just one gig," Michael explains. "Kevin had never played before live, he was terrified. It went well and another club owner asked us to play... Read More
Happy Cow

#1Thing: Our Favorite Meatless Monday Restaurants in NYC

By Lori Melton Many countries around the world have joined in the health-focused and environmentally friendly Meatless Monday effort to cut meat from our diets once a week. Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza, and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams... Read More
Joe Causi and Leonardo

$1 Million OR Fido: How Much Do You Love Your Pet?!

Did you hear? In a recent poll, 100 men and women were asked the most important question of their life! If you could have $1 million dollars in cash -- or your pet -- which would you take? Happy #nationaldogday from me and @life_with_leonardo #nationaldogday-- A post shared by TheRealJoeCausi (@... Read More
Sustainable Packaging

#1Thing: Companies with Sustainable Shipping Practices

By Lori Melton Businesses implement all kinds of eco-friendly practices like switching to paperless communications, installing recycling bins in the break room, and conserving energy usage by using LED lighting. However, using paper and plastic for packaging and shipping products and generating... Read More
F16 Fighter

In The Market for a Jet Fighter? Here's a Listing for You!

Just in time for the upcoming movie everybody is talking about, ' TOP GUN 2 ', now you can buy your very own fully functional F-16 jet fighter! A company out in Palm Beach Florida who sells private aircraft has one cool jet up for sale. But you guessed it! It’s not cheap . The jet, which was built... Read More