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Survive The Heat Wave at 'in NYC: Pro Tips

It can't get any hotter, right?

July 18, 2019

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It can't get any hotter this summer, right? Wrong! Expect more heat as this weekend will be reaching over 95 degrees the next three days, with the heat index of 105 degrees. It will be the hottest NYC has felt in the last seven years.

This weekend is WCBS-FM's 'Saturday In The Park' with Rick Springfield out on Long Island at the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre at Eisenhower Park. Now, just because the heat will be unbearable doesn't mean you can't find ways to make yourself comfortable. Here are ways to survive the heatwave in the park.

1) Bring water: Stay hydrated. It is the only way you can last the entire day. You will be sweating a lot, thus losing a lot of electrolytes. You would need to replace those electrolytes with small foods or by drinking electrolyte formulated drinks. If you feel dehydrated, drink water. Bring a cooler with ice along to cool your water. 

2) Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine: Both substances act as diuretics and will cause you to dehydrate.

3) Do not eat protein-heavy foods: Protein-heavy foods increase metabolic heat and warm the body. Instead, eat foods that can hydrate you such as watermelons.

4) Bring portable fans: You can never go wrong with bringing extra air to the park. Put it near the cooler and that's a bonus!

5) Bring sunscreen: You are going to be out all day, so you do not want a chance to get a sunburn.

6) Bring bug spray: Bring bug spray to chase the bugs away because bugs and heat are not a good combination. 

7) Wear light clothing: Wearing a lot of clothing will not be a good idea as you will be sweating more. Also, avoid black clothing -- that soaks up the sun.

8) Watch your pet: if you happen to be bringing your pets to the park, be sure to bring a cool towel for them to lie down on. Make your pets drink a lot of water. Signs of dehydration on pets are rapid breathing, wide eyes, lot's of drooling, twitching muscles, hot skin, dazed look, and vomiting. Be sure to call your vet if you see those symptoms

9) Know the symptoms: Recognize heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, heat rash, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, etc. 

Most importantly, have fun in WCBS-FM's 'Saturday In The Park'. Stay cool and hydrated, and stay safe! 

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