Steve Perry Still Hates Those G's, Offers Another 'Traces' Single "No More Cryin'"

September 5, 2018

Former Journey singer Steve Perry is back with the second single off of his comeback album Traces -- this one similarly titled with a missing letter just like the first single, "No Erasin'".

Steve's latest, "No More Cryin'", has a swingy, 6/4 feel to the track, a noticable departure from the arena rock style of the first single. The music video for the track seems to be shot in the very same studio as the clip for "No Erasin'" as well.

When Perry dropped by WCBS-FM to talk with morning man Scott Shannon, the singer spoke about his 24 year hiatus, saying "You know, the band was really really fortunate to be successful and at some point I got a little bit toasty, a little burned out, coupled with a serious touring schedule. And like I said, being crispy. Back in the day we all had a little bit of what we might call 'extra party behaviors,' maybe -- and when you put the 'party behaviors' together with a little bit burned out -- I was toast."

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"Did I miss it? I must tell you," Perry continued, "it was terrible! It was a detox in its own way, you know? The adoration of the fans everynight and the applause and being able to live the dream -- because I came from a small town. It was a dream to get in the music business to start with, but to be able to be successful like Journey was a dream come true, so walking was tough."

Watch the full interview here as Perry explains how he learned to love leaving the spotlight behind.

"No More Cryin'" marks the only other song on Traces that specifically leaves out the letter G.

You can check out the full track list below if you stopped believin'.

Steve Perry - Traces

"No Erasin'"
"We're Still Here"
"Most of All"
"No More Cryin'"
"In the Rain"
"Sun Shines Gray"
"You Belong to Me"
"Easy to Love"
"I Need You"
"We Fly"