Shannon in the Morning: Blastoff Your Summer with Some Coney Island Pride!

April 23, 2018

Louis Pulice/Shannon in the Morning


By Louis Pulice/Joe Cingrana

When I was told the Shannon in the Morning Summer BlastOff was moving from the Jersey Shore to Coney Island for 2018, I had mixed emotions. At first, I thought of the great folks we will miss down the shore at Seaside Heights & Asbury Park and all the great people we’ve met since Scott brought the "BlastOff" to WCBS-FM. But on the other hand, I was ecstatic to know we were bringing this amazing show to my home!

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Louis Pulice/Shannon in the Morning

I’ve lived in Brooklyn my whole life, growing up in Bensonhurst and now living in Marine Park, and I’ve seen the highs and lows of Coney Island and the entire area of south Brooklyn. When I was a kid, we were the "forgotten" part of the borough. People would go to Coney Island for the beach, the Cyclone and for Nathan’s for nostalgia purposes, but the other big parts of the area were deteriorating or just stuck in time!

Louis Pulice/Shannon in the Morning

The original Thunderbolt was closed and abandoned, it sat there as a giant relic for many years before it was torn down in 2000, and that’s around the time things started to change. When the Brooklyn Cyclones opened their stadium in 2001, Coney Island was set to be rejuvenated! The stadium is such a great place to experience, and slowly but surely the rest of the area was beginning to improve.

Louis Pulice/Shannon in the Morning

My friends & I were starting to go to Coney Island again for more than just a quick hit to Nathan’s. The Mermaid Parade & the hot dog eating contest became must-attend events, the bar scene improved and taking a stroll on the boardwalk was safe & fun again! The fireworks on summer weekends are not to be missed & you gotta see the freak show!

Louis Pulice/Shannon in the Morning


Now in 2018, it’s with great pride that I’ll get to be part of the summer blastoff in my backyard, just a 12-minute car ride from home! And I hope anyone who has reservations about joining us will read this and know that they will have a GREAT time on the Coney Island boardwalk. I take my young children to the Aquarium and to Luna Park and maybe if you come see Scott & crew May 25th you will take some time after the show and check out all the great places, too.

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Like much of the "forgotten" south Brooklyn from my childhood, Coney Island is once again a destination that you have to see for yourself.

CBS-FM’S Shannon in the Morning is bringing the Summer Blast Off to Brooklyn!

Join Scott, Patty, John & Brad on the Boardwalk in Coney Island – Friday Morning, May 25th and Kick Off your Memorial Day Weekend with the Shannon in the Morning 'Big Show' featuring performances by SMASH MOUTH and TAYLOR DAYNE! Details HERE >>