Rick Springfield To Guest Star On 'The Goldbergs' Sixth Season

"At last I get to play a guy from the '80s."

August 24, 2018

Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM


According to an exclusive EW reveal, our good friend Mr Rick Springfield — come on, you know "Jessie’s Girl," is all set to guest-star in the third episode of ABC’s upcoming sixth season of The Goldbergs.

Aside from his beloved performance as Dr Springfield... errr... Dr Noah Drake on General Hospital, Springfield's latest television credits have expanded to episodes of Supernatural and American Horror Story. In the new season of The Goldbergs, Rick will play the part of Erica’s new boss, who is the owner of a karaoke bar called Gary-oke’s. 

"At last I get to play a guy from the '80s," Springfield tells EW. "I'm excited to guest star on The Goldbergs and return back to 1980-something!"

The Goldbergs returns to ABC on September 26th at 8PM EST.