Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant Releasing Lyric and Poetry Book

October 23, 2018



By Joe Cingrana

One half of the iconic electronic duo Pet Shop Boys, singer Neil Tennant is preparing the release of an all-encompassing lyric and poetry book highlighting worldwide hits and more obscure tracks from the band's illustrious career.

A wide-ranging interview with The Guardian sees the 64-year-old musician take on topics such as songwriting throughout the Margaret Thatcher era, the AIDS crisis and the current Brexit discussion gripping his home country. 

Tennant also explains his process for putting together timeless lyrics. “I remember as a boy hearing Strawberry Fields Forever and also reading John Lennon’s explanation that he wanted it to be like a conversation, and that had a very powerful impact on me,” he says. “And I remember reading an interview with Frank Sinatra where he said you should phrase lyrics like a conversation. I’ve always tried to do that. Someone who you might not think of as the world’s best lyricist is Madonna, but she always gets the emphasis on the right syllable.”

One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem, complete with an introductory essay and commentary, is set to hit shelves on November 1st.