Former Journey Front Man Steve Perry Explains Where He's Been This Whole Time

August 17, 2018

By Joe Cingrana

Singer, songwriter, record producer -- best known as the lead singer of the iconic rock band Journey from '77 to '87, and again from '95 to '98 -- Steve Perry joined Scott Shannon in the Morning for their 1,000th broadcast live from the Theatre in New York City this morning.

After a nearly twenty-year hiatus, Perry announced his return to music in 2018 and just graced us with the first single, "No Erasin'" off of his forthcoming album Traces.

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As soon as Perry sat down in front of the surprised studio audience, Scott Shannon asked the one question the entire room was hoping for: "Where've you been for 24 freakin' years?" After the crowd's cheers died down for a bit and the "Come back, Steve's" subsided, the legendary front man dove right into it.

"Wow! That's the question of the day," says Perry with a smile. "You know, the band was really really fortunate to be successful and at some point I got a little bit toasty, a little burned out, coupled with a serious touring schedule. And like I said, being crispy. Back in the day we all had a little bit of what we might call 'extra party behaviors,' maybe -- and when you put the 'party behaviors' together with a little bit burned out -- I was toast."

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"It was an unpopular decision I came up with at the time," Perry explains, "which was just to stop. I told the band and they were not happy about it. But the biggest thing I was really concerned with was the fans. Because I knew it was going to be a painful decision for me to walk away, but sometimes you just have to take care of yourself, even if it hurts to do so."

Super-fans in the crowd appreciated the honesty and are certainly thankful Perry took the time to straighten himself up -- but obviously the question remains: Did he plan on being gone for SO long, though?

Perry says no, that wasn't his plan at all. "I went back to my hometown and hung out with friends. I rode my motorcycle on these country roads on the outskirts of Fresno where I was born and raised, and there was something cathartic about just stopping."

"Did I miss it? I must tell you, it was terrible! It was a detox in its own way, you know? The adoration of the fans everynight and the applause and being able to live the dream -- because I came from a small town. It was a dream to get in the music business to start with, but to be able to be successful like Journey was a dream come true, so walking was tough."

Watch the full interview above as Steve Perry explains how he learned to love leaving the spotlight behind and be sure to check out the brand new video for "No Erasin'" below.

Keep a look out for Perry's new album, Traces, set for release on October 5th, 2018.