DA of the Day: The UK’s Worst Bank Robber

January 25, 2019

Terence Cole is officially the UK’s worst bank robber. He’s been so bad at robbing banks in fact, that he was spared a life sentence in prison by a judge!

The 61-year-old thief was told by Judge Clement Goldstone, "Fortunately, you’re not very good at this."

"I make it quite clear that if you had been more successful you would have been facing today a discretionary life sentence."

WOW! Lucky guy!

It seems that between November and December of 2018, the man attempted to rob a total of six banks using a hidden brush as a "gun", and covering his mouth so much that people couldn't hear his demands. Cole left empty-handed every time except once where he made off with a measly $500. 


After pleading guilty to robbery, Cole was sentenced to eight years in prison for his (mis)deeds.