DA of the Day: Thief Robs Store Without Mask, Dating Employee

January 4, 2019

Minnesota crook Quincy Gerrard Petty allegedly robs a store, forgets to put on his mask and it turns out he was dating one of the store’s employees! Cops quickly found him because he still had his Bob Marley hat on.

It all happened on Christmas Eve of all days, at a Dollar Tree store. The 39-year-old reportedly forgot to put his mask on when he and his accomplice first walked in but quickly told an employee that he wasn’t "playing." "Open your register, I’m robbing you," the man demanded. When another employee recognized him as the boyfriend of another worker at the store, Petty realized he forgot his mask and pulled it over his face.


The pair made off with $2,000 after emptying a safe but were arrested outside of Petty's girlfriend's house shortly after. Petty changed his clothes in the time between, but he forgot all about his Bob Marley hat.

And that my friends, is a DA.