Comedian Heather McDonald on Family, Chelsea Lately & the Success of Her ‘Juicy Scoop’ Podcast

February 7, 2019

Heather McDonald wrote, produced & appeared on E!’s Chelsea Lately for the entire seven year run and now she’s discovered great success in the podcast world!

After Chelsea’s run came to an end she had a couple of shows that didn’t pan out so she proclaimed “well, I guess it’s time for a podcast! I thought it was like over with… I guess I’ll be like everybody else!”

It turns out “Juicy Scoop” was a good idea, the podcast is available twice a week on iTunes, Android or Stitcher, it has 300 episodes and over 29 million downloads. She thanks her husband for turning the podcast into a success, “let’s give him some credit….he pursued all the things, I don’t like reading contracts” she says, “I just want to perform and I just want to work, so it’s kind of a nice combo.”

Heather uses her 3 kids as material for her podcast and her shows, “he wrote a whole report in school about Jo Koy” Heather says about her 16 year old son after he went to go see mom’s comedy show. “To humiliate my son we wrapped his car with my face and the ‘Juicy Scoop’ logo” she jokes, “it’s not as profitable to have boys and exploit them….Kris Jenner she put them all in bikinis and look at them now!”  

Heather gets the juiciest stories from her guests & talks about everything from the Real Housewives, celebrity scandals to true crime! “it’s almost like I’m doing a variety show, it’s different.”

Heather does standup at Caroline’s on Broadway February 7th – 9th with a few tickets available at