#TBT: Brad Blanks On the 'Captain Marvel' Red Carpet with Brie Larson & Annette Bening

March 21, 2019
Brie Larson & Brad Blanks

(Photo: Brad Blanks)


The number one movie in the world is Captain Marvel. As you would know by the woman playing Captain Marvel is Oscar winner Brie Larson. Fans of the Marvel universe have been buzzing since the ending of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR when we saw Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) holding a very 1990’s two-way pager, signaling for this female superhero. Now she is here, Carol Devers, the Air Force pilot who somehow bleeds blue blood and slips into a suit so tight and buttoned up you just hope she doesn’t get an itch. The other side of the buzz for this movie is the more negative buzz where the Rotten Tomatoes Website had to turn off its comments section due to Marvel fans voicing their displeasure with the potential “activism” aspects of the movie. 

So, here is my review of the movie and I will get it out of the way. I’m still like a big kid when I go to the movies so if a film is trying to send me some message I’m a little oblivious. As long as I have a laugh, see some good heroic moments and in this movie’s case, see its hero Captain Marvel beat up an old woman on a train, I’m usually satisfied. It’s a superhero movie….not a black and white movie made by a genius Mexican director! So taking this into account I enjoyed the movie and while watching would think that my 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter would like it too.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Black Panther and it’s no Thor: Ragnorak (that really brought the laughs) but it serves its purpose in showing the origin story of a superhero that plays a huge role in actually saving half the world in the upcoming AVENGERS: END GAME. Also, you get a cool little origin story of Nick Fury, played by a computer-generated Samuel L Jackson…. Computer generated to make him look 20 years younger….. I wish they gave him the permed soul glowed look he had in Pulp Fiction! There will be plenty of nuggets in this movie that will lead us Marvel Universe fans into the huge Avengers movie in May. So if you can take all of that into account you might actually kick back, eat some popcorn and enjoy Brie Larson kicking the butt of some Skrulls in downtown Los Angeles in the mid-1990s. What could go wrong within a fight scene to the No Doubt song, “Just a Girl”!?

I caught up with Brie Larson, the star of the movie, at a very small red carpet in New York City where I asked her what she would tell that little girl version of herself. She said, “It’s OK to be shy, I’m still shy.” 

A woman who played a hero on the big screen can’t possibly be shy. On her heroic role she said, “It’s called acting, I’m a dynamic person, there are a lot of different aspects to me.”

Yeah like kicking butt like highly trained kung fu master. I told her I was shocked by her training for this role where she quickly replied, “I was shocked too….I just wanted to see how far I could go and I ended up going further than I thought.”

She wasn’t the only one who got to wear a body fitting tight suit. Esteemed actress and fellow Oscar winner Annette Bening also plays an alien, the same species as Captain Marvel. When I met her on the red carpet Annette proudly stated, “I’m a Kree, Supreme Intelligence.” Her firm belief in what she was had me thinking that she really had been drinking the Marvel kool-aid. But I really wanted her to tell me about her alien enemies and asked the question is going to be asking after this weekend, “What is a Skrull?” 

Her answer, “They’re funny looking.” Yes, they are, big long ears and they can shape-shift into human form.

When I asked her about the body-clinging outfit she had to wear she replied excitedly, “I got to wear my own superhero suit…little did I know I would get to do that someday in my life!” And all I wanted to know was what her husband, Hollywood lady’s man Warren Beatty, thought of her suit when she took it home, “No, they don’t let you do that.” Bummer, surely Warren would of loved it!

Captain Marvel is now in theaters.