Steve Carell Explains Apple TV's 'The Morning Show' To Brad Blanks

October 28, 2019
Brad Blanks and Steve Carrell

(Brad Blanks)


-Brad Blanks

Apple TV+ launches on November 1st and the biggest show on their slate will be THE MORNING SHOW. It stars Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Reece Witherspoon. An amazing cast for acting ability alone, but the fact that they got the two biggest stars in the world of streaming, in Carell and Aniston, could guarantee a huge hit out of the box. The Office and Friends have not been on network television for years but the two biggest shows in the streaming world are!

THE MORNING SHOW was a show in development that was going to be a behind-the-scenes look at the morning TV news shows like the TODAY SHOW and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. It was a show that was going to expose the competitive world of guest bookings, host backstabbing, and how to create warm and fuzzy TV personalities. This all got derailed as the #metoo movement kicked into full swing in late 2017 when Matt Lauer was quickly terminated from the host of the TODAY SHOW. This “firing” was on the back of sexual allegations against Lauer. This turned the development, writing, and creation of THE MORNING SHOW on its head. Veteran television producer Kerry Ehlin took over the show-running duties and a new script was created where they took the plot straight from the headlines.  

Steve Carell, plays Mitch Kessler, the host of THE MORNING SHOW, along with Jennifer Aniston who plays his co-host, Alex Levy. The show takes off very quickly where we learn “America’s Dad”, what Carell’s character is affectionately known as is fired for sexual misconduct.

I sat down with Steve Carell in Los Angeles and asked him how big of a fall it was for his character. Steve said, “it's a big fall from grace……and a very well deserved one at the same time. He's a guy who is a narcissist, and he has the world on a string, and then everything just crumbles one day.”

In the trailer, there was a very funny scene where you see Steve Carell smashing a fire poker into his flat-screen TV. A scene that wasn’t meant to be comedic becomes funny because it is Steve Carell meshing with the writing, although filled with drama, has these hilarious comedic layered throughout.

I asked Steve if he thought comedy would breakthrough in his scenes. He replied, “initially, I thought, "This is deep. This is complex. There's a lot going on here." There were some humorous moments, but I never thought of it as a laugh-out-loud anything, but then we did the table read, and it was like a laugh riot because of the absurdity.”

Going from a Daily Show correspondent to “America’s Virgin” in the movie comedy classic The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell has given his fans a hilarious ride. He went from virgin to serial dater as Michael Scott in The Office, to this character Mitch Kessler, who is a star who just feels sexually misunderstood. I posed the question to Steve, “How do you analyze your sexuality on screen?”

He quickly replied, “I will never analyze my sexuality on screen. I will withdraw from that subject matter entirely!”

I quickly followed up with, “Michael Scott was a good dater. He dated well. He did alright.”

In great Steve Carell fashion, he replied to finish the interview, “He dated enough to find the one.”

Let’s hope Michael Scott is living happily ever in the American dream. Meanwhile, for Carell’s new guy, TV Star Mitch Kessler, the nightmare is only just beginning.

THE MORNING SHOW can be seen on the new streaming service APPLE TV+, which launches on Friday, November 1st.