Spike Lee Talks Michael Jordan, The Knicks Tanking and Hoping They Get Zion Williamson

January 16, 2019
Spike Lee

© Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It was a huge night at the New York Premiere of the new M. Night Shyamalan movie GLASS. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson walked the red carpet, both bringing back their characters from the movie UNBREAKABLE. Hanging out at the premiere was Spike Lee who was there to support his good friend Samuel L. Jackson. Spike was wearing a black Paris St Germain Air Jordan outfit and a huge New York Knicks beanie. I kicked off the conversation with Spike telling him how much I liked his fashion and he pointed at the Air Jordan patch and said “My Man.”  

I then went on to ask him if Jordan was still nice to him and he sternly replied, “Nahhhhh, You’re thinking about Reggie Miller. You’re getting them mixed up.” 

He kept going saying to me, “You can’t get the GOAT mixed up. There’s only one GOAT.” I then brought up Lebron James and he went on to say, “I got love for Lebron but there’s only one GOAT.”

Spike started to get heckled by a guy to the right of the screen off camera who was saying “Lebron is the GOAT.”  Spike asked him how old he was and the guy replied “25”.

Spike burst out laughing and said “You don’t know, you don’t know”. Spike then brought the young guy over and said, “I’m going to school this guy. He’s only seen Michael Jordan on Youtube. I was there, courtside!”

I then had to understand what his current thoughts were on the New York Knicks and if they should be looking for a better draft pick. He had a slight grin and then started uproariously laughing saying, “We gotta play hard, I'm not saying we gonna win, we gotta play hard and look like we’re trying!”

It quickly turned to his love for Duke basketballer Zion Williamson. Discussing whether the Knicks will get the opportunity to draft Zion, Spike says, “it will be a godsend from Mt Zion, It’s going to be biblical!"