Shannon Stories: That Time Larry Manetti, 'Magnum P.I.'s Rick Wright, Woke Up On Scott's Couch

November 13, 2019

-By Joe Cingrana

This week, Scott tells the story of waking up with Larry Manetti, who played Rick Wright on the original Magnum P.I. which aired on CBS (America's Favorite Network™) from 1980-1988.

A little background first: Scott was a single guy at the top of his game, chest hair showing, living the good life on a cul-de-sac in Tampa, Florida. One thing that was missing from his life; a basketball court. So he and a neighbor decided to dig up the yard, lay some cement, and employ his radio station engineers to string up lights.

Tom Selleck and Larry Manetti
(Photo: Newsmakers)

Cut to the day in question: Scott had Larry in for an interview on the 'Q Morning Zoo' to promote Magnum one morning. After the show, they decided to have a few cocktails and wound up at Scott's house. After a few more friends showed up and more than a few drinks were had, the crew played a few rounds of basketball on Scott's fancy new court well into the night. Larry wound up falling asleep on Scott’s couch in the same clothes he was interviewed in that morning (there was no Uber back then, and good luck getting a car at 1 AM in Tampa even today!). 

In the morning as he was leaving for work, Scott left a note for Larry with the name of the cab company so he could, eventually, find his way home.

Scott hasn't heard from Larry since.