'Us' Director Jordan Peele Explains the Universal Fear of Doppelgängers To Brad Blanks

March 21, 2019
Brad Blanks & Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele has had a great couple of years. He was making us laugh on the sketch comedy show, Key and Peele and then he decided to do something a bit different. He became a horror movie director!

Establishing his credentials very quickly with the scary GET OUT, Jordan has a new movie, US. It stars Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

I went along to the New York City premiere and had a great chat with Jordan, who some folks are calling the Hitchcock of our times.  As you may have seen in the trailer it is a movie about a family that is getting stalked by another family that looks just like them yet freakier.

I asked him why he created a story around the doppelgänger; the phenomena of someone looking like you! Jordan told me, "Doppelgängers are one of the universal monsters that scare people on a primal level." As he was talking he was quickly taking me down the rabbit hole fear. He went on to say, "Can you imagine if you met yourself? Knock, Knock and you are there.... this is universally scary, you can use it and feed it and turn it into a horror movie."

I was scared as he spoke to me and then he was gone in a flash.

I later thought about it and if a version of me knocked on my front door I'd probably invite him for a beer, maybe share some shoes and clothes. I'd hope he'd be a good bloke and not try to kill me like the doppelgängers in this movie!