Helen Mirren On Life: "If You Haven't Learned By Now, Forget It"

November 15, 2019
Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen with Brad Blanks

(Brad Blanks)


What do you get when you put two legendary people on the big screen together? The new movie, The Good Liar. It stars Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen, two actors over the age of 70, who seem to be lying to each other a lot in this psychological thriller.

Helen Mirren shined in yellow and Sir Ian looked like he was about to walk across England in his country hat as they hit the red carpet. They sauntered past me where I was able to quiz them about their on-screen relationship. In the movie, they play a couple that meets on a dating website for senior citizens. I asked them how much sexual tension was there between them in this movie. Sir Ian promptly replied, “Absolutely it’s there!”

 “Also it's emotional tension too,” Helen firmly followed up. “It's not necessarily, you know, high sexual tension, but it's certainly, they want something from each other.”

As Helen Mirren spoke more about her movie and the thriller aspects of it, I became more entranced with her. When one of the greats of stage and screen speak, you definitely listen. After she finished her answer I attempt my own lie and announced to her, “I’ve learned something as a young man.”

Where in a brilliantly biting moment she replied, “Are you a young man? I wouldn't have thought you were that young, darling. No. And if you haven't learned by now, yeah, forget about it.”

Wow….. Helen Mirren at her finest!

For that line alone, I’ll go and see The Good Liar, in theatres now.