'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg On Troops and Tom Selleck’s Mustache

November 14, 2019
Donnie Wahlberg and Brad Blanks

(Brad Blanks)


On the set of the hit CBS Friday night show Blue Bloods, you won’t find Donnie Wahlberg touching Tom Selleck’s mustache. 

Donnie was being honored at the Variety Salute to Service Luncheon presented by HISTORY in downtown New York City. He was deeply honored and humbled when he spoke about the award bestowed upon him by service people and veterans at this event. Donnie said, “Someone tells you that you’re going to get an award for acting and you’re like OH MY GOD….then you realize that you're pretending and you’re getting it from service people who actually dodge real bullets and put their lives on the line.”

The CBS TV show Blue Bloods is continuing to shine in the Friday night slot. Once a spot where TV shows went to fade away, this show continues to dominate. I asked this great TV question about surviving as a show and Donnie replied, “We just all hang on Tom Selleck’s broad back and say keep going! Keep going, dad!”

I also asked Donnie whether or not Tom Selleck’s famous mustache might be a better thing to hang on to. Slight fear gripped Donnie’s face with a smirk and he firmly said about his friend and co-star, “We don’t touch the Mustache….we don’t touch the mustache!” 

Blue Bloods is in its tenth season, Friday nights on CBS 2. It averages over 12 million viewers which is a huge number in modern television.

That mustache is a legend…. as is Donnie Wahlberg!