Chris Rock Talks Bullying and His Daughters Getting Married on 'The Week Of' Red Carpet

April 27, 2018

Brad Blanks


By Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning

It was a fun night in New York City at the red carpet premiere of the new Adam Sandler movie, THE WEEK OF.  The movie also stars Chris Rock who plays a rich doctor whose son is marrying Sandler’s character’s daughter. This film has plenty of laughs with Adam Sandler mining the comedy of family and worlds colliding around a wedding. 

Chris was very chilled on the red carpet as he approached me. I asked him how he was going to handle his own daughters getting married. He sharply replied, “I can’t wait, bring it on, get ‘em off of me!”

Earlier this year he did a comedy special called “Tamborine" that is also on Netflix. There was a hilarious bit where he talks about “bullying" created tech pioneers Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. I ask him specifically about bullying where he replies, “Pressure makes diamonds, not hugs”.

The movie can be seen exclusively on NETFLIX now.