Brad Blanks Talks to Robert De Niro, Ray Romano + Martin Scorsese On 'The Irishman' Red Carpet

October 21, 2019
Robert De Niro and Brad Blanks

(Brad Blanks)


It was a stunning night at The Irishman Premiere at the New York Film Festival, brought to you by FILM at Lincoln Center. 

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorcese were in great form as they walked the red carpet. If you loved Goodfellas then you are going to enjoy The Irishman, the latest movie from legendary director Scorsese. It tells the story of Frank Sheeran, who worked for the Philadelphia mob and would go on to become Jimmy Hoffa’s bodyguard. One of the stories about the “making of” this movie, which only Netflix could afford to finance, was the incredible cameras and technology used to make Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci appear 30 years younger during the film. 

When I chatted with Scorcese on the red carpet he laughed and said, “Yes I’ve extended Robert De Niro’s career another 30 years.” A big issue they had was that the technology could make the actors look young in the face but they couldn’t change how they moved. Scorcese said that when Pacino got off the sofa in one scene he looked like an 80 year old. Scorcese had to direct his cast to move like they were 30 years younger, something the technology could NOT fix!

Also starring in the movie are three of America’s great comedians, Jim Norton, Ray Romano and Sebastian Maniscalco who plays Crazy Joe Gallo, one of New York’s toughest mob guys. I asked Sebastian about going head to head with De Niro and he said, "I was definitely nervous while that was happening, but we did a few takes of that”.

Jim Norton perfectly plays comic legend Don Rickles and Ray Romano is hilarious as a mob attorney who clumsily navigates problems that his clients find themselves in. 

The movie does long coming in at over 3 hours, but it is another classic from Martin Scorcese reunited with his old friend Robert De Niro. If you have loved these two guys in their prime, along with Al Pacino, you will be satisfied with this story. As well as going deep on the Philadelphia mob it also goes in-depth on the relationship Teamsters leader, Jimmy Hoffa, had with organized crime. 

One thing this film doesn’t confirm is if Jimmy Hoffa is actually buried under Metlife Stadium, a long running mob myth!

The Irishman is in theaters November 1st and drops on Netflix to stream November 27th.