Brad Blanks Talks To Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga At The National Board of Review Awards Gala

January 10, 2019

Shannon in the Morning celebrity reporter Brad Blanks hit the National Board of Review Awards Gala red carpet at Cipriani’s on 42nd street. Bradley Cooper won best director for “A Star is Born” & Steven Spielberg presented the award. Brad spoke to Sam Elliott, Bradley Cooper & kind of got in a few words with Lady Gaga.

Brad first spoke to Sam Elliott but quickly wrapped up with him because he didn’t want to lose time with Bradley Cooper, who was behind Sam on the red carpet! When he finally got to Lady Gaga she was swarmed by fans pretending to be reporters! Brad shoved his way through and got some audio of Gaga as she talked about the best advice she ever received.

"I'm an idiot, I should've stayed an accountant" Brad says back in the studio after his Gaga ordeal!