Brad Blanks Chats Up Samuel L Jackson and Cedric the Entertainer on the SHAFT Red Carpet

June 14, 2019
Brad Blanks and Samuel L Jackson

(Brad Blanks)


SHAFT is back in movie theaters again. In 1971 Richard Roundtree portrayed this Harlem crime fighter who went on to become a legend of the '70s. The trailer for the ’71 version is epic and shows SHAFT doing a lot of shooting and smashing through doors. The trailer finishes with the words, “Hotter than Bond, cooler than Bullit, Rated R, If you wanna see Shaft, ask ya Mama!”

Samuel L Jackson brought SHAFT back in 2000 in a version that was very entertaining. I caught up with Sam Jackson at the red carpet premiere and New York City and asked him what it was like to embody such a cool character like SHAFT. He replied, "It gives me an opportunity to explore some of the feelings of being powerful, being cool, being sexy, things that you don’t normally feel, well I don’t, when you leave home.” Big words coming from one of the coolest actors of our time. 

In an attempt to get Sam to riff on being a bad mother f*&*er I asked him how bad of a mother was SHAFT in this? "Bad as like always!”

Brad Blanks & Cedric the Entertainer
(Brad Blanks)

Also walking the red carpet was comedian CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER. He is not in the movie and was just a big fan of SHAFT growing up. I asked him if he ever used the Isaac Hayes theme song for romantic interludes with a special lady. He replied, “yes I would play that as an aphrodisiac!” 

SHAFT is in theaters now. 

Cedric is performing this weekend in Brooklyn and New Jersey.