The Bacon Brothers on Accidental Beginnings, 25 Years of Touring

September 19, 2019

Kevin Bacon & Michael Bacon have been touring for 25 years as The Bacon Brothers, but it wasn't supposed to last that long. 

"We put the band together for just one gig," Michael explains. "Kevin had never played before live, he was terrified. It went well and another club owner asked us to play and another and another....and then someone offers us a record deal... I think it's 25-years now Scott."

The Bacon Brothers at WCBS-FM with Scott Shannon and Patty Steele

The Bacon Brothers have toured the world, and they have vivid memories of playing venues in Japan.

"You'd play, and feel like you are in the middle of something really strong," Kevin says of the crowds in Japan, "when you walk off stage the whole crew claps you off... it's real sweet."

"How do you explain 'Live at Budokan'?" Kevin says, "I grew up listening to that record and the people were going crazy!"

The Bacon Brothers will play Sony Hall in Times Square on September 19th & 20th and the Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut on September 21st. Get tickets now at

Their new single “Play!” is out now wherever you listen to music, like Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & others.