Adam Sandler Breaks Down the 'Craziness' Of Weddings on 'The Week Of' Red Carpet

April 27, 2018

Brad Blanks


By Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning

Adam Sandler has found himself in the Netflix world and has been making movies for his biggest fans. His latest movie also stars Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi and really breaks down the craziness of a wedding with all the different families and people coming together. Chris Rock is a doctor who is the father of the groom. Adam Sandler is the father of the bride and is adamant that he pay for the wedding. This movie is filled with outrageous moments of hilarity as Sandler’s befuddled character attempts to do the right thing by his daughter for her special day as the family members all crumble around him. 

A few years ago I interviewed Adam Sandler with Jennifer Aniston where I scared them on the red carpet. I was crouching and Aniston asked me to stand up and as I stood she was startled by the pure size of my body!!!!  Have a look at that crazy moment below!

So I was quite excited to get back in front of Adam at the red carpet premiere of THE WEEK OF. He’s always been a top guy when having a chat. I told him that there was some sweetness to his character in this movie where he replied, “Compared to who I’ve been associated with I do very well”.

I asked him what his own wedding was like and he said, “It was relaxed but I've been around some sick weddings, when my family is involved it gets a little sick”.

At the end of the interview, I re-enacted the moment I scared him. He stood in awe once and again and asked “What are you?”      Not sure what he was asking I just said, “6’ 5 a real animal”

The Week Of can now be seen on Netflix.

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