Remembering Photographer Anthony Causi, Part of CBS-FM's Extended Family

April 13, 2020
Joe Causi, Lou Pulice, Brad Blanks, Anthony Malerba

(Photo: Anthony Causi)


Chances are if you picked up a New York Post newspaper in the past couple of decades you’ve looked at the back page and saw a photo that just made you say wow. That photo was most likely taken by Anthony Causi, the talented, loving nephew of our own Joe Causi. 

Anthony has lost a tough fight against coronavirus at just 48 years old, leaving behind a wife and two young children. 

I was lucky enough to be around Anthony a bunch over the years from working with Joe, and I can confidently say the two were clones! Anthony had the fun, outgoing personality that we know Joe has, and he always had that camera in his hand and knew how to get that perfect photo. 

The last time I saw Anthony in person was June of 2018 when John Travolta returned to Lenny’s Pizza. Joe was hosting and Anthony was snapping away, making sure his uncle looked good, he loved and respected Joe and would have done anything for him. (Photo above)

He was so great to be around, and this is a devastating loss not only for his family and friends but for the sports journalism world as they have lost one of their best.

Please say a prayer for the Causi family.