Photo: Maria Ives

Neil Young to Release 'Roxy – Tonight’s The Night Live'

March 5, 2018

By Annie Reuter

Neil Young's was the first performer to take the stage at famed Los Angeles club The Roxy and now that concert will be available for purchase on Record Store Day on April 21. Roxy – Tonight’s The Night Live captures the 1973 performance of tracks fro Young's Tonight’s The Night album and marks the first time the band performed the songs live two years before the album's release.

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Roxy – Tonight’s The Night Live will be released on a three-sided 2LP set with the Record Store Day Limited Edition pressing including an exclusive print of the band live on stage at The Roxy. The standard vinyl edition CD and digital editions will be available on April 24.

Young performed over a series of three nights of shows from Sept. 20-22, 1973, recording each night of music at the Sunset Strip club.

“In 1973, I drove my 1947 Buick Roadmaster, Black Queen, to LA from the North, accompanied by Ben Keith," he recalls in a press release. "Once we made it to Hollywood, we met up with Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina. Nils Lofgren joined us and we drove to Studio Instrument Rentals on Santa Monica Blvd. David Briggs, producer, and Johnny Talbot, equipment manager, met us there."

He adds, "They had blasted a hole in the wall to connect the green board which we had set up (an old tube board I had purchased that had been used recording many historic sessions from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds to Monterey Pop Festival, among many others) next to the rehearsal hall. Our 16-track analog tape machine was set up next to the board. We had finished recording TTN [Tonight's The Night] and decided to celebrate with a gig at a new club opening on the Sunset Strip, the Roxy. We went there and recorded for a few nights, opening the Roxy. We really knew the Tonight’s the Night songs so we just played them again, the album, top to bottom, two sets a night for a few days. We had a great time. Roxy -Tonight’s the Night Live is the live recording we made. There is a little Super 8 footage of us driving to the gig in the Black Queen one of those nights.”

ROXY – Tonight’s The Night Live Tracklisting

Side 1: 
1. Tonight’s The Night 
2. Mellow My Mind
3. World On A String

Side 2:
1. Speakin’ Out
2. Albuquerque
3. New Mama
4. Roll Another Number (For The Road)

Side 3:
1. Tired Eyes
2. Tonight’s The Night
3. Walk On

Side 4:
Etched artwork