WCBS-FM's Songs That Light Up Our Love For Valentine's Day

We have a bunch of SOFTIES on our staff!

February 14, 2020
Love Songs

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It's Valentine's Day, and nothing makes us remember the love and affection of our closest friends, lovers, spouses or significant-others like a good love song. 

We asked our WCBS-FM DJs to share some of the songs that they hold closest to their hearts, and we have to say -- we have a bunch of SOFTIES on our staff! Take a look below at the tracks we chose as the songs that light up our love this, and every Valentine's Day!

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"Broadway" Bill Lee

"Tracks of My Tears" - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

Huge in my teenage lover years!


"Shake You Down" - Gregory Abbot

Slow jam funk... If this doesn't move ya, have your glands checked!


"Beth" - KISS

...for my wife, Beth.


"Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi

"I Believe in You and Me" - The Four Tops

For one it’s a great LOVE song and two, if I didn’t put this first my wife would kill me! It’s our wedding song!


"Truly" - Lionel Richie

A true LOVE Classic as well as one of the biggest first dance wedding songs of 1982!


Patty Steele

Patty Steele (Shannon in the Morning)

"Greatest Love of All" + "I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston


"Crazy For You" - Madonna


"The End of the Innocence" - Don Henley


Sue Aller (Shannon in the Morning)

"Endless Love" - Diana Ross

"You will always be my endless love" ... I loved this movie (in my youth)!


"Never Going To Let You Go" - Sergio Mendes

"I'm going to hold you in my arms forever!" Love this song!


Dave Stewart's Picks:

"Home - Michael Buble

When there's someone great waiting for you at home, the flight back always feels good. Michael Buble's debut single gets me every time.


"Here, There and Everywhere" - The Beatles

One of Paul McCartney's most underrated songs.


"Valentine" - Jim Brickman & Martina McBride

I don't mind the cliche; it's a perfect love song.


"Swayin' To the Music (Slow Dancin')" (written by Jack Tempchin) - Johnny Rivers

Johnny's last hit is one of the best love songs of the '70s. Block out the world and get lost in a moment with your love.


Ross Brittain's Picks:

As it turns out, Valentine's Day is VERY close to my anniversary. The day I married my wife, Rasa Kaye, was February 20, less than a week later. That week, the number one song was "Baby Come to Me," by Patti Austin and James Ingram, which sticks out in my mind for that reason... I never hear that song without remembering "the Big Day."

For the same reason, I also remember "You Can't Hurry Love," by Phil Collins, which was (at that point) climbing up the charts.

That's kind of apropos, since my wife and I were secretly married without telling anybody at work, since we worked at the same place --and couldn't admit that we'd gotten fired because then one of us would have gotten fired because of company policy. We later renegotiated our contract as "a team," and then it was OK and we told everyone our anniversary was a year later --to the day-- so that we'd have the same anniversary to celebrate.