Social Media To Pet Shop Boys: "What Have I Done To Deserve This?"

February 14, 2019
Neil Tennant, Pet Shop Boys



Pet Shop Boys just made every millennial fan CRINGE. SO. HARD. 

Wait, millennials know who Pet Shop Boys are, right?

OK I get it, I agree, and I love you Mr Tennant. Social media is arguably going to be the downfall of our global society -- but this sing-songy attack on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat... (etc. ad nauseum) just made this over 40 fan wince just like the young'uns. Look, I'm on social media every day here at the station and there's a good chance I'll end up snapping over the next comment declaring "KEEP MUSIC OUT OF POLITICS" or "PLAY MORE '50s SONGS."

But I digress...

The Social Media cat has shredded the s%&# out of the bag and it's here to stay. Why don't we all just try to make our own small attempts to keep it civil, and use it to connect with people, fans, family, companies -- whatever you choose -- in a way that oozes positivity rather than disgust?

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Back to the track in question -- "On social media" -- the music sounds just like you'd expect from PSB, and honestly, so are the lyrics. Neil Tennant hasn't always had the best of luck NOT sounding cheesy. It's fine. I accept Pet Shop Boys for who they are, and you should too. 

Except for this social media song. I would simply say...


And the Social Media cat wants to know (while sharpening his claws)...


Pet Shop Boys just released their brand new four-track EP titled “Agenda”.

Discussing the EP, singer Neil Tennant said: “It contains three satirical songs and one rather sad song. I think it’s because of the times we’re living through.”

This must be the sad one.

The four tracks were produced by Tim Powell and Pet Shop Boys, were recorded at the end of 2018 and WILL NOT be included on their next full length album due for release in the fall.