Rumor: Jim Carrey's 'The Mask' Could Make A Return

November 19, 2019
Jim Carrey

(Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images)


Hide your valuables, Stanley Ipkiss could be making a comeback!

WeGotThisCovered reports that Warner Bros. and New Line may be trying to get the master of facial-contortion Jim Carrey to return to his role in 'The Mask' for a sequel, possibly scrapping (but maybe not) creator Mike Richardson's idea about producing a female Mask reboot.

The 1994 original by director Chuck Russell was a major success, bringing in over $351 million at the box-office on a budget of $23 million.

What would YOU like to see more? A Female Mask with or without Jim Carrey -- or a full-on sequel bringing back all of the original cast and characters?