LOVE STINKS: WCBS-FM's Valentine's Songs To Rip Your Heart Out

February 14, 2020
Love Stinks

(MusicianAtHeart/Getty Images)


Valentine's Day... if you're in love, great. Congrats. We're SO happy for you.

But for those who tend to spend the holiday of love flying solo or delicately attaching pretty ribbons to their cat (Who's a good boy?!?), here are a few choice tracks to help the day go by without a hitch -- barring any unforseen and embarrassing veterinary visits. You may shed a tear here and there though. Sorry, not sorry.

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Broadway Bill Lee

"Love Stinks" - J Geils Band

Just a beautiful emergency room heartache song.


"I Hate Myself For Loving You" - Joan Jett

Classic maso-love song!


"Do You Love Me" - Contours

A real childhood get back song.


"Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi

"Alone Again Naturally" - Gilbert O’Sullivan

From loss of his father to the loss of his love. It doesn’t get darker than this! Love this record!


"Too Hot" - Kool and the Gang

Sure, it started out great at 17 when they fell in love. But who would think in the end -- they can’t imagine their love is through. Great song!


Patty Steele

Patty Steele (Shannon in the Morning)

Two heart breakers from the recently departed James Ingram.

"How Do You Keep the Music Playing" 


"Just Once" 


"Love of My Life" - Queen


Sue Aller (Shannon in the Morning)

"Joey" - Concrete Blonde 

*Joke: My husbands name is Joe!


“Goodbye to You” - Scandal

I used to sing this at the top of my lungs after I caught my high school boyfriend cheating on me.


Journey “Separate Ways”  


Dave Stewart's Picks:

"Even Now" (lyrics by Marty Panzer) - Barry Manilow 

A gut-wrenching song about settling down with #2, even though #1 is still in your head (and heart.)


"I'll Be Around" - Spinners

She wants to be with someone else, but you'll wait in the wings in case she changes her mind. Romantic or pathetic?


"Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" (written by Karla Bonoff) - Linda Ronstadt

A haunting song about a casual hookup in place of a real relationship.


Ross Brittain's Picks:

"Looks Like We Made It" - Barry Manilow.

Always have a bad reaction to the song. No, you didn't.


Shaun Cassidy, "Da Doo Ron Ron."

Get a life. Use your words.


Any country song from the mid-70s, when I lost my first radio job and got another... working for a country station in South Atlanta. Don't remind me. I particularly remember "She's Actin' Single, I'm Drinkin' Doubles" by Gary Stewart.

Just. Stop.