Storming Area 51: The Over/Under

July 19, 2019
Area 51

(Photo: alexeys/Getty Images)


Okay guys, did you hear? Bookies in Vegas are taking action on the upcoming AREA 51 raid.

Yep, as many people are considering storming the gates of AREA 51 on September 20th all because of the #StormArea51 movement, sportsbooks are raising eyebrows over this and taking notice — and some bookies are actually taking bets on it.

So, even if you can’t go to Nevada to hang with these so-called activists, you can still be part of the fun betting away on it.

Well, here’s a great side bet that I'm taking action on... If you storm a government facility like AREA 51 you can rest assured you will be arrested.

You get arrested = I win!!!!!