Steven Schirripa Has Some Choice Words for Robert De Niro: "I don't think he's a good guy"

"I've been in his company, not happy."

January 23, 2019

During his visit to the WCBS-FM studios for the Brooklyn's Own Podcast with Joe Causi, Louie Louie, and Intern Anthony, HBO's The Sopranos actor Steven Schirripa (Bobby Bacala) told us about recently re-watching the classic film Raging Bull and revealed some choice words for acting legend Robert De Niro.

This may come as a shock, but "De Niro I can't stand," Schirripa says pointedly. Not because of his political affiliations, but because, he says, he's just not a nice guy. "I don't think he's a good guy, I think he's a greedy bastard. I've been in his company, not happy. I'm not a fan, so I have a hard time watching him."

Schirripa went on to say that he enjoys De Niro's classic works, but it's what he's been involved with more recently that he can't appreciate.

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"Especially the stuff now, he does garbage. The old stuff ok, Raging Bull was an incredible movie."

That lead the guys into talking about some of their favorite classic mob flicks like The Godfather and Goodfellas

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"Godfather 2 I think I liked better than Godfather 1," says Steven -- and WCBS-FM's Joe Causi agrees. Intern Anthony hasn't seen either one, so he kept his mouth shut ("and never rat on your friends").

Whether or not you share Steven's thoughts on one of cinema's most celebrated actors, there's one thing he said that any movie buff worth their weight in stolen cigarettes would have to agree with: "Goodfellas is a classic mob movie... It's a great, great movie."

Listen to the full 'Brooklyn's Own' Podcast with Steven Schirripa below: