Mayor Bill de Blasio Is "One of the Worst Human Beings" According To Steven Schirripa

"He's a communist as far as I'm concerned"

January 25, 2019

HBO's The Sopranos star and pasta sauce maven Steven Schirripa has never been known as one to hold back his thoughts. During his recent visit to the WCBS-FM studios to talk all things Brooklyn with Joe Causi on the 'Brooklyn's Own Podcast' he gave a pointed opinion about fellow Italian-American actor and New Yorker, Robert De Niro. 

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During their discussion, Schirripa also weighed in on New York City's mayor, Bill de Blasio.

PHOTOS: Steven Schirripa In Studio

Their wide-ranging talk goes into growing up on the tough streets of Bensonhurst "back in the day." When it comes to the changes Brooklyn has gone through over the years, Steve says “Things went bad in the '70s, it was like The Warriors!" But he admits he likes what the borough has become. "If you’re a kid in your 20s or 30s, it’s a cool place to be."

WCBS-FM's Joe Causi questioned Schirripa, who currently lives in the downtown area of NYC, if he sees any difference in that neighborhood from his memories growing up in the Big Apple. Causi certainly does.

"De Blasio is one of the worst human beings to walk the face of the earth," says Schirripa without skipping a beat. "I kid you not, he is a horrible, horrible human."

Schirripa explains:

"He looked to destroy this city, and he did it very quickly, much quicker than I thought. The homeless problem is way worse, and I take the trains quite a bit. Every train there's a beggar, and they're very aggressive. Also, because the cops can't do their job, a lot of times they're doing it with one hand tied behind their back. I know the commissioner, and I like him very much. I'm sure he's got his hands tied.

"Because of that, it seems people out there are braver and more aggressive and looking to start a fight because nothing is going to happen to them. I'm talking white, black and everything in between -- I'm talking the people of New York City."

Obviously Schirripa agrees with Causi's assessment. 

"I moved back here in 2000. It's a much different city. Look, Rudy (Giuliani) went off his rocker. I knew Rudy, I don;t dislike him but I don't know where he went. Bloomberg was good, a little extreme. I liked after one of the hurricanes [he said] 'go to a play, get out of the house' -- go to a play? These people can't feed themselves. So, he's a little out of touch.

"De Blasio though just wants it the other way. He's a communist as far as I'm concerned. My father was a bum, and he didn't work for 30 years. Sat on the couch and collected disability. He would love de Blasio. He would have loved him! Because he don't have to work, you get the phone... everything on the arm."

Listen to the full 'Brooklyn's Own Podcast' with Steven Schirripa below.