RIP: Joe Causi Remembers Radio Legend Paco Navarro

August 8, 2019
Joe Causi & Paco Navarro

(Joe Causi)

Every once in a while, people come into your life that leave a lasting impression. For me, that person was Paco.

I remember meeting him the very first time. Very cool, very suave, and always a gentleman.

There I was, a 23-year-old kid from Brooklyn sandwiched between two radio icons -- Paco and Rosko -- at the biggest radio station at the time in NYC, "92KTU," saying to myself, "how the @#$% am I going to survive in this career let alone make it in this business?" These two men told me, "You are a diamond in the rough and ready to explode"

This coming December marks my 40th year in New York City radio, and the diamond is still glowing!

Thank you Paco, Thank you Rosko.