Taylor Top 5: Keeping Yourself and Your Loved Ones Cool In the Summer Heat

August 29, 2018

© Alexey Maximenko | Dreamstime.com


Another day another hot one...

Yesterday I mentioned several important things as this terrible hot weather continues.

Here's a “Taylor Top 5” to stay alive for you, your family, friends, and pets. Feel free to share!

1. Drink WATER – even if you don’t feel thirsty!

2. Be a good neighbor. Check on the elderly in your community and people with special needs. Sometimes just call to check in means the world.

Make sure those in their golden years get enough water, some have less heat tolerance and medications can dehydrate the body. Many older folks don't turn on the AC because of money concerns. Making sure the temp’s at least 75-85 degrees can be a lifesaver!

3. Pets. Have fresh, clean water & a shady place for them to cool off. Watch for symptoms of overheating: excessive panting or difficulty breathing. Contact your vet immediately. Feel the sidewalk. If it's too hot to touch, it can burn your pet's pads and should be avoided.

4. Tone It Down. I know friends who are runners and have to run. But if you must, hit the gym instead of running outdoors.

5. Don't Leave Kids or Pets in Cars. It still happens! You may leave for just a second, but the temp can quickly rise to over 150 degrees.