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Broken Phones, E Waste

#1Thing: Recycling E-Waste The Best Way

By Lori Melton Technology is always advancing. On the one hand, this is great. On the other, it means we are constantly upgrading our phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices to get the “latest and greatest” model. You’re not alone if you have a bunch of old cell phones and chargers... Read More
Happy Cow

#1Thing: 5 Easy Ways To Eat Less Meat Every Week

By Lori Melton Eating less meat has multiple health benefits and is also good for the environment. The Mayo Clinic reports that people who don’t eat meat (such as vegetarians), “generally eat fewer calories and less fat, weigh less, and have a lower risk of heart disease than nonvegetarians do.”... Read More

Classic Rock's 5 Greatest Love Songs of All Time

By Mark G. McLaughlin What makes a love song great, let alone worthy of being ranked among the five greatest love songs of all time? It is not just the artist or their artistry, or even the lyrics and the emotion with which they are delivered. For most people, it is the song they heard or associate... Read More
Elton John and KiKi Dee

WCBS-FM's Top Pop Duo's Of All Time

As Valentine's Day approaches -- we're getting all hot and bothered listening to all of our favorite love songs and break up songs. See Also: WCBS-FM DJs Pick Songs That Light Up Their Love For Valentine's Day LOVE STINKS: WCBS-FM's Valentine's Songs To Rip Your Heart Out That also got us in the... Read More
Love Stinks

LOVE STINKS: WCBS-FM's Valentine's Songs To Rip Your Heart Out

Valentine's Day... if you're in love, great. Congrats. We're SO happy for you. But for those who tend to spend the holiday of love flying solo or delicately attaching pretty ribbons to their cat (Who's a good boy?!?), here are a few choice tracks to help the day go by without a hitch -- barring any... Read More
Love Songs

WCBS-FM's Songs That Light Up Our Love For Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, and nothing makes us remember the love and affection of our closest friends, lovers, spouses or significant-others like a good love song. We asked our WCBS-FM DJs to share some of the songs that they hold closest to their hearts, and we have to say -- we have a bunch of... Read More
Denim jeans on a rack

#1Thing: Sustainable Date Night Chic and Where to Shop

By Lori Melton Whether it’s your first date, a blind date, or a much-needed night out with your significant other, choosing the right outfit for the occasion is important. Deciding what to wear also depends on your plans. Are you doing something casual like catching a movie and sharing pizza? Or,... Read More

10 Classic Songs To Listen To On Repeat for Groundhog Day

By Mark G. McLaughlin Since 1993, Groundhog Day has been as much about the Bill Murray film as the little rodent from Punxsutawney who peaks out on February 2 looking for his shadow. In that film, a newscaster played by Murray goes to cover the annual event but gets caught in a time loop that makes... Read More